Dilbeek, BL

Minale Design Strategy

A simple yet catchy tune appealing to both customers and their pets.

Translating a brand’s DNA into music while enriching key customer experience through audio may seem like a tough challenge. Even though I’m used to it. Plus designing sounds that can appeal to both pet owners and their animals without being ridiculous sounds totally tricky.

But armed with my trusty $50 ukulele and using (some of) my body sounds such as handclaps and whistles, I’ve had the ambition to create a not-too-funny-nor-cheesy upbeat song that would remind how one usually shouts at cats and whistles dogs.

The result is a catchy reggae-pop little tune with a memorable melody that conveys happiness and embodies complicity, core values of the brand and its audience.

Tom&Co has now added a magic layer to its new brand identity, created by our talented friends at Minale Design Strategy Brussels, a secret weapon that touches the ear on the radio and complements the in-store brand experience in Belgium, France and Luxembourg.

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