Giving sound to talent.

Audio identity • Sonic branding

Based in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, Square Management is a growing and expanding consulting group.
The company reworked its brand architecture and design, with a new baseline: “Giving future to talent”.

To strengthen this new identity, Yuma Paris-based branding agency asked me to create for Square a dedicated sonic identity. I had to invent a smooth and classy theme to help the brand move upmarket. Though I chose classical elements such as a warm piano and some orchestral strings to reach the significant amount of depth, style and classiness required to do so, I also brought a contemporary feel by bringing a huge 808 kick and a swirling bassline to the party. To give the creation as much personality as possible and create a memorable signal, a distinctive short audio signature is repeated all along the track.

Agency: YUMA
Music: Aurelien Sooukian

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