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My goal is to craft memorable audio content that tells a story, stirs emotion and helps projects stand out.

Be it for branding, advertising, digital, retail, tv, events, video games, radio or cinema, I have offered customized audio services and creations for commercial use since 2004, building strong and trusted relationships my clients. This experience gave me solid skills in supervising and production, and my multi-disciplinary practice spans composition, arrangement, sound design, songwriting, engineering, production, publishing and copyrights management.

I love working with passionate people and supervise audio projects which clients entrust me, bringing both creative vision and market expertise. I’m deeply engaged in using sound to create an intense connection with the audience, convey the right emotion and enhance shopper experiences.  I had the honor to be invited as a speaker at ESSEC Business School, ESP Paris and Cesacom to name a few and created a “Music, sound and voice” workshop for brands with the marketing trends magazine INfluencia.

My work has been used by brands such as Clarins, Cartier, Electronic Arts, Histoire d’Or, Interbev, La Poste, Louis Vuitton, Paylib, Sofitel, Solvay, and many more. As a music supervisor, I have been creating playlists for retail brands such as Bonobo Jeans, Lancel, Melia hotels, Shopping Promenade or YSL. I also assist design and marketing agencies among which CBA, Draftfcb, Extreme, Havas, Herezie, Ogilvy One, Meanings, Minale Design Strategy, Mullenlowe One, Publicis Nurun, Score DDB or Steve for their clients audio needs. I had the honor to be invited as a speaker at ESSEC Business School, ESP Paris and Cesacom to name a few and created a “Music, sound and voice” workshop for brands with the marketing trends magazine INfluencia.


Sonic strategy

I’ve been spending 17 years working on sonic creative concepts, artists moodboards, tones of voice, music supervision, workshops, clearance and copyrights… I want to share this experience with my clients to help them know how projects should sound like.


When some music suppliers tend to sound like elevator music, I’m very picky about sound quality. I promise to design only fresh original tracks, a winning combination of modern sounds, memorable melodies and solid rhythms that allows projects to really stand out from the crowd.


I’m always keeping an eye on new artists, latest releases, rising trends and genres a) because I love it, b) because it helps me deliver faster and be more accurate when building tailor-made playlists for retail brands, malls, restaurants or events.

6 reasons to work together

18 years of experience

As a senior music producer, I’m glad to share my experience in music, marketing, branding and communications with one goal in mind: Make my clients’ audio projects succeed.

Your only partner

Yes, one could say I’m a slasher. I’ve been working hard to be a composer, producer, sound designer, engineer and publisher so that I can cover alone all professionals’ audio needs.

A passion for creation

Surrounded by an energetic team of experienced engineers, voice-over artists and content creators, I work with passion to deliver my clients the response they’re waiting for.

A solid methodology

I defined a thorough working process in order to deliver the right creative solutions. My methodology features deep project study, immersive analysis, artistic research, creative moodboards, dedicated workshops, marketing and behavorial studies, legal monitoring…

Fast and available

Today’s clients need instant feedback. They want to know what, who, when and how much right away. To that end, I created a very fast and reactive online agency available anytime. My promise to myself is to never deceive nor let a client down.

The right price

Unlike certain music suppliers, I do favor simplicity and transparency regardless of the project scope. We talk about prices, contracts and copyrights from the get-go. No taboos here. I’ll let you be the judge!

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