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Hi! I’m Aurélien Sooukian. With “The Brands Studio”, music agency based in Paris, I craft exclusive music to help brands & projects stand out. I can provide fresh audio for your content (stock or tailor-made), create in-store playlists for retail brands or build your company’s audio identity. ⟶ Read More

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Music is the universal language that needs no translation: it speaks directly to our emotions and cements personal connections. It’s no wonder that audio is a powerful tool employed constantly by professionals to enrich customer experience. Wether you work for an international brand, a start up or a production studio, you need a creative and reactive music agency that covers all your audio needs.

I work across the globe, with clients in France, Japan, the United States, Morocco, Belgium and Brazil and have had the opportunity to be the music agency of 170+ brands for the last 17 years with clients such as La Poste, Louis Vuitton, Electronic Arts, YSL, Solvay or Lancel and many agencies like Nurun, Ogilvy One, Score DDB, Havas or MullenLowe. ⟶ Read More

Be it for branding, advertising, digital, retail, TV, video games, radio or cinema, my goal is to give meaning to sound and craft memorable music that tells a story, stirs emotion and helps projects stand out. ⟶ Read More

Selected works

Clients — Brands

  • 3M Europe – Diegem, BL
  • Bacardi-Martini – Paris, FR
  • Big Mat – Paris, FR
  • Bonobo Jeans – St Malo, FR
  • Cartier – Paris, FR
  • Château Giscours – Margaux, FR
  • Clarins – Paris, FR
  • Département du Rhône – Lyon, FR
  • Eska – Sappemeer, NL
  • Groupe Frey – Reims, FR
  • Lancel – Paris, FR
  • Lolita Lempicka – Paris, FR
  • Louis Vuitton – Paris, FR
  • Nina Ricci – Paris, FR
  • Perfection Habitat – Sprimont, BL
  • Saint Laurent – Paris, FR
  • SNCB – Brussels, BL
  • Tom&Co – Dilbeek, BL
  • Volvo – Göteborg, SE
  • Voo – Liège, BL
  • Yappa Corp. – Tokyo, JP

Clients — Agencies

  • Adfields – Tours, FR
  • Agence V – Paris, FR
  • Agence Cible – Liège, BL
  • Desdoigts & Associés
  • Extreme – Paris, FR
  • Magic Garden – Paris, FR
  • Havas – Paris, FR
  • FCB – Paris, FR
  • Lovestories – Casablanca, MA
  • Minale design strategy – Brussels, BL
  • Mullenlowe One – Paris, FR
  • Ogilvy One – Paris, FR
  • Register / Superfilm – Lille, FR
  • Score DDB – Paris, FR
  • Radioshop – Montpellier, FR
  • Yuma – Paris, FR

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